Worldwide Officers & Most FAQs

Knights on Bikes-Dallas

The Knights on Bikes fraternal members enjoy recreational riding. Our members are dedicated to improving the biker’s image, promoting safety and Christian values.

A Higher Purpose

Q: Who qualifies?

A: Any member of any Knights of Columbus Council Worldwide.

Q: Do I have to own a motorcycle?

A: Yes, Must own a motorcycle of any type, or anticipate owning one within 6 months of joining.


Q: What are the Rewards of being a KonB Member?

A: Enjoying camaraderie with fellow brothers, spreading the word and faith of the Lord.


Q: How can I recognize a Knight on Bike?

A: We proudly wear our KC Emblem along with a gold cross on the back of our vest. With a path representing our diocese on the front.


Q: What are some of the types of services we provide?

A:  Annual escort of the Silver Rose.

At the service of the Bishops, Priests and Catholic Parishes.

We are often called upon for community and fundraising rides.

Worldwide Officers

Sk Raymond C. Medina
Worldwide Founders

Sk Willie C. Davidson
Worldwide Co-Founder

Sk Michael Savage
Worldwide President

Sk Ramon Carrasquillo
1st Vice President

Sk Robert Leal
2nd Vice President

Father Sinclair Oubre
National Chaplin

Archbishop Thomas Wenski

2018 marks the 58th year of the program which began in 1960 to honor the Blessed Virgin under her title of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas. The program has continued since then as a project of Knights of Columbus councils and Fourth Degree assemblies in several jurisdictions