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Texas Motorcycle Safety and Laws

Motorcycle drivers and other motorists can prevent accidents and injuries and limit the seriousness of incidents by taking preventive measures.

Motorcycles Safety Training I Licenses

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) oversees the Motorcycle Safety Unit and administers statewide programs geared towards motorcycle safety and certification.

The basic course teaches fundamentals and is required of all drivers in order to receive a Class M motorcycle driver’s license. An advanced course is also available for more experienced riders and teaches maneuvering, riding on wet payment and other safety skills.

Helmet Law

All riders under the age of 21 are required to wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle. Riders over 21 may ride without a helmet only if they have completed a safety course or are covered by an applicable insurance plan.

Safety Tips

Motorcyclists don’t have the protection that cars and trucks have. To stay safe, remember to:

  • Wear a helmet and other protective gear.
  • Turn on your headlights and ride defensively.
  • Avoid the center of the lane where debris and oil build up.
  • Ride at a safe speed, and never ride if you’ve been drinking.
  • Take a course to learn or reinforce safe riding techniques.

Other drivers need to keep an eye out for motorcycles and safely share the road:

  • Look twice for motorcyclists at intersections, entering highways and whenever turning or changing lanes.
  • Always maintain a safe following distance.
  • When passing a motorcyclist, move to the other lane and allow a full lane for the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Safety Campaign

TxDOT’s statewide Share the Road motorcycle safety and public awareness campaign urges motorists to look twice for motorcycles at intersections and when changing lanes, the two places where serious motorcycle collisions commonly occur.

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