Knights on Bikes Dallas – Patch Sewing Masters At Work

Sewing Knights on Bikes-Dallas Patches

First thing you will have to do once you join the Knight on Bike group, you must have a leather vest to wear to apply your newly inaugural KoB patches. So, you head to one of the sewing master to do their thing. The vest will not only protect you from road debris, rocks and bugs, it will be like an immediate introduction to those you meet, by the patches on it. The patches will tell others what organizations you are affiliated with, people you know and where you have been. Proper patch layout is very important.

Wearing of Colors
  1. Members shall wear their colors when participating in sanctioned activities.
  2. Colors are to be worn n an approved manner (ie: sewn on a vest or jacket in proper arrangement) Additional ride pins/patches may be worn on the vest/jacket within the established arrangement of the colors.
  3. The vest will be as follows:
    a) Leather or cloth.
    b) On back of vest, place a gold cross between the shoulder blades.
    c) The KC crest cannot be smaller than 10 inches and shall be centered from lower part of cross and the bottom of the vest.
    d) Upper front left chest side will be a 4 inch KC crest.  If a resident of the United States of America and a USA flag patch is
    presented on the vest, it SHALL be situated on the left-hand side and above the KC crest.   If resident of any other country, its
    country flag patch SHALL be situated according to the County’s protocol.
    e) KonB patch will be worn on the upper front right chest and a state patch SHALL be situated above the patch.
    f) Diocese patches will be situated just below the State patch.
    g) Any other patches may be affixed to the FRONT of the vest at any location other than  what is described above.
    4) May also be worn to any church mass or functions, even if you are not riding at the said time.
    5) Colors are to be worn and handled with respect.
    6) Colors are not to be worn by non-members or members suspended or expelled.