Knights on Bikes Dallas

Knights On Bikes Bylaws

Ride Coordinator
Guidelines & Responsibilities

  • Designate a ride coordinator for each group if multiple groups are necessary due to the number of participating riders, designate a sweep rider for each group, organize the ride route, and control activities.
  • Select a ride which matches the skill level and interest of the group.
  • Ride coordinator should maintain speeds which accommodate all the skill levels of the riders in a group.
  • Conduct a rider meeting 15 minutes before clutches out, w/ maps and route, fuel stops, information etc.
  • Review hand signals.

Individual Rider
Guidelines & Responsibilities

  • Participation in group rides requires: a minimum of 1000 miles of motorcycle riding experience, 500 miles of experience on the current motorcycle and membership in the Gold Country Riders or Women on Wheels.   (Membership not necessary on Novice ride if other criteria are met)
  • No alcohol or drugs are permitted on ride days. Any rider feeling, they must partake will be asked to remove themselves from the group. No other member will accompany them on the ride back. This is for the safety of all concerned.
  • Know the limits of your abilities and your motorcycle. The time for a new rider to learn skills is NOT on a group ride.  We encourage new riders to practice and gain skills prior to group ride. (Novice rides are held to introduce new members to group riding)
  • We ask our more novice riders to be in the back of the group. If you feel you fit into this category, please place yourself there.
  • Periodically check in rear view mirror to see if you need to adjust speed, that way, all riders adjust and stay in a group.
  • If you are going to separate from the group, for any reason, please let someone know. We want to be sure all arrive back home safely. If someone separates from the group, it’s of great concern that something may have happened to them.
  • Each rider is responsible for knowing the route and bringing a copy of the directions or map to the ride.

Official By-Laws

MISSION: The mission of the Knights on Bikes (KonB) shall be to enjoy camaraderie with our brothers of faith as motorcycle riders.  To offer assistance to any Knight, The Catholic Church, individuals, charities and the communities in which we live through charitable work and leadership.  To promote the spiritual needs of the Knights of Columbus and to strive to encourage faith, fellowship and service.



  1. The organization name shall be stated and recognized as being the Knights on bikes.
  2. The logo for the Knights on Bikes shall be acknowledged and implemented as shown in this instrument and not be amended or altered, except for their prospective dioceses.

ARTICLE TWO (2) – Who We Are

  1. At no time will we be considered a motorcycle club (MC) or a motorcycle gang. We are Knights of     Columbus that ride motorcycles for Christ, our Church, our Diocese and spread the Word. Any one may ride with us with permission of the Road Captain. We, in turn, can ride with any group that does not object.
  2. We are non-profit organization
  3. We are recognized worldwide by our vest.
  4. We will at no time wear a three-piece patch.


The purpose of the Knights on Bikes (KonB) shall be to enjoy camaraderie with our brothers of faith as motorcycle riders.  To offer assistance to any Knight, The Catholic Church, individuals, charities and the communities in which we live through charitable work and leadership.  To promote the spiritual needs of the Knights of Columbus and to strive to encourage faith, fellowship and service.


Knights on Bikes adopt these by-laws in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus by-laws, save and except for any conflicts, wherein the Knights on Bikes’ by-laws supersedes.


  1. First and foremost, we are Knights of Columbus members and keep with their mission and goals.  The KonB members will honor and practice their spiritual beliefs and this organization shall not conflict with our religious or civil duties.
  2. All members of KonB must be active and in good standing in his KC council with all dues up to date.
  3. Any new members that want to join our Fraternal Order shall be active with his Knights of Columbus council.  The new members’ sponsor will be responsible for encouraging the new member Knights’ to attend and become active with his local council for at least the 1st year of membership.
  4. The colors will be earned by attending no less than four (4) KC meetings or more within the first 6 months after receiving his 1st degree.  Special considerations will be made with the President of State or President of Diocese for members that work in the evenings.
  5. All present KC members that ride will be known as KonB, if he wishes to be 100% active member must submit his membership application to the State President by mail or thru the State KonB website. Membership will be automatic as long as he is active and in good standings in his council.
  6. All Knights who own a motorcycle of any type can be KonB.  In the event you are unable to ride (for any and all reasons) you still may attend KonB gatherings in your area to be considered an active KonB member. If you no longer own a bike or intend on owning one within 6 months, you will still be a worthy Knight of Columbus, but will be dropped from the KonB roster.
  7. All members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner so as to honor and respect the KC and the KonB at all times. Any actions deemed detrimental to the organization shall be cause for review under the disciplinary procedures and could result in suspension or expulsion from membership from the Knights on Bikes.
    • At no time should any member be associated with so called 1% or “outlaw” organizations. Such associations shall be deemed grounds for immediate expulsion.
  8. Spouses of members (if they ride or act as passenger) will be known as “A Knights Lady.
  9. Each member and (if applicable) their spouse will receive a confirmation welcome notification of their membership.
  10. All membership forms must be forwarded to their National KonB to be entered in their Data Bank.

ARTICLE SIX (6) – Resignation of Membership

The membership of any member of the KonB will terminate after the member has submitted a written request for such termination to the POS and their respective POD.

ARTICLE SEVEN (7) – Activities

  1. Rides and activities may be suggested and organized by any member. Sponsored rides should be coordinated with the POD of the active diocese.
    • Sanctioned Rides/Activities – A “sanctioned” ride is a ride or activity organized by and sponsored by the KonB. All members shall wear their colors and white long sleeve shirt, while participating in a stationed ride.
    • Non-sanctioned Rides/Activities – A “non-sanctioned” ride/activity is a ride not sanctioned by    the POD. Members are fee to participate in “non-sanctioned” rides/activities, where such participation is not a violation of the KonB policy. The wearing of colors on “non-sanctioned” rides/activities is optional.

ARTICLE EIGHT (8) – Chain of Command

  1. The following shall be the Chain of Command for the KonB:
    a) The Founders will always be held in high regards;
    b) The President of KonB, USA or Canada will be the command of their Nation;
    c) President of State (POS);
    d) Vice President of State (VPOS)
    d) President of Diocese (POD);
    e) Council Captain (C.C)
  2. The POD will be appointed by the POS.  The POD will determine with the POS if it is necessary to appoint an alternate POD within their diocese.

ARTICLE NINE (9) – Wearing of Colors

  1. Members shall wear their colors when participating in sanctioned activities.
  2. Colors are to be worn n an approved manner (ie: sewn on a vest or jacket in proper arrangement) Additional ride pins/patches may be worn on the vest/jacket within the established arrangement of the colors.
  3. The vest will be as follows:
    a) Leather or cloth.
    b) On back of vest, place a gold cross between the shoulder blades.
    c) The KC crest cannot be smaller than 10 inches and shall be centered from lower part of cross and the bottom of the vest.
    d) Upper front left chest side will be a 4 inch KC crest.  If a resident of the United States of America and a USA flag patch is presented on the vest, it SHALL be situated on the left-hand side and above the KC crest.   If resident of any other country, its country flag patch SHALL be situated according to the County’s protocol.
    e) KonB patch will be worn on the upper front right chest and a state patch SHALL be situated above the patch.
    f) Diocese patches will be situated just below the State patch.
    g) Any other patches may be affixed to the FRONT of the vest at any location other than  what is described above.
    4) May also be worn to any church mass or functions, even if you are not riding at the said time.
    5) Colors are to be worn and handled with respect.
    6) Colors are not to be worn by non-members or members suspended or expelled.



  1. Each Diocese as established by the Holy See.
  2. Each Diocese shall have a President of Diocese (POD)
    a) Each POD is expected to agree to abide by the KonB by-laws while not compromising state/ local laws, or the policies of the Knights of Columbus.b) Each POD will maintain an updated membership roster, including their contact information, of members within their diocese. Further, they will inform the POS of any information changes.c) Be responsible for the proper conduct of activities that support the Church, Diocese, and Knights of Columbus organization.d) Conduct any raffles, events, or fund raiser within the guidance of the Knights of Columbus.

ARTICLE ELEVEN (11) – Amendment of Bylaws

  1. Amendment – These By-Laws may be amended by a majority of the Diocese Presidents that are in good standing with the Knights of Columbus within their own council.
  2. Proposed Amendment Process – Proposed amendments must be proposed by a President of Diocese and submitted to the State President. This proposal must be in writing.
    • Individuals may propose changes to the bylaws through their President of Diocese.
    • The State President will submit the proposed change to each President of Diocese for consideration.
    • Changes will be accepted by a majority vote of all active members of the KonB.

 By-Laws Adopted April 15, 2016
Founding Charter Members – April 2005
Founding State Members – July 2010